Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Did You Miss Me (Yeah!) While I Was Away? Did You Hang My Picture On Your Wall?

Well, it seems some people actually read this thing...
This is just a very brief post to say sorry for not saying anything for a couple of weeks. Some problems at work coupled with a very uninspiring bunch of comics coming out, and some semblance of a social life have left me with less time than normal for writing.

I will post properly tomorrow, on a semi-comic related topic (the Alan Moore/Iain Sinclair/Michael Moorcock reading I went to last week) but wanted to gather my thoughts on it a bit. Expect it about this time tomorrow. This should lead to a discussion of 'ideaspace', possibly comparing and contrasting the use of magic(k) in Moore with Morrison. I hope to post the first of those posts on Sunday.

If you can't wait til tomorrow for my writing and are willing to accept a non-comics related piece, I have an article up on the culture 'zine The High Hat about Brian Wilson which is a lot less clever now than when I wrote it (it's quite galling to spend a couple of thousand words teasing out the previously-overlooked goddess symbolism in someone's songs only to have them then start a song with "Summer of 61/A goddess became my song". Other critics never have these problems. Shakespeare never wrote a sequel to Hamlet called "No, he definitely was mad, no really"...). It does mention Jack Kirby, so that might be enough for you.

Thanks for the concern, normal service will be resumed shortly. No refunds will be given.

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Johnny Temuka said...

Good to see you back. Those future posts sound great.