Friday, 15 June 2007

VERY quick note

I've only just had a chance to read Countdown 46, and I'm not going to be able to post properly about it until tonight or tomorrow AM. When I do, I am going to point out a lot of flaws in the comic, but I just want to say - if the first few issues had been this good I would have been a lot kinder to them. This issue is not a good comic, but it's competent. I actually think you could pick this up without having read the previous five issues and follow it. This issue is up to the standard of the better bits of issues 49 and 50 and manages to keep some momentum going throughout, unlike those issues, and is miles ahead of the tedious 51, 48 and 47. More later.

(BTW, I'm off to work now and won't be able to approve comments until tonight. If yours doesn't show up, that's why).


andy g said...

Nobody Scottish says 'Tisn't.

If the Mirror Master is going to be in more issues, someone north of the border is going to have to proof read his dialogue. And it's not as if there aren't a fair few Scots prominent in the mainstream comics industry at the moment.

But in th interest of compliments...

I got Jimmy Olsen a lot better in this issue. His discussion with Lois established a Jimmy that's been around the block a few times, with plenty of references to the Kirby Run, which appears canon as far as New Earth is concerned. All to the good, finally looks like we're seeing a convincing reintegration of an underused supporting character into DC lore.

Great art from Saiz, easily the most reliable so far. Clear, kinetic visuals, lots of expressive faces (if a little similar).

Vaguely interesting new character in Forerunner (21st century Harbinger - ruthless, a little more "ethnic").

I'm almost starting to enjoy this...

badartdog said...

agreed - best issue so far. I actually enjoyed reading this rather than feeling i was wading through it.
Saiz seems to be the best artist on the team to me.
Is there a reason for the red hood to wear a domino mask underneath his red hood?