Friday, 11 May 2007


Further to what I said about Countdown 51 not feeling like Giffen's layouts, he's not credited in the issue. I wonder if he had to miss the first issue because of clashes with 52 ?

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Daniel said...

Dan Didio addressed this today in an article on Newsarama. The reporter asked just this question and his response was "Keith’s not involved it the first few issues, because there was a period of overlap between the final issues of 52 and the beginning of Countdown. Unfortunately, because 52 was running so close to the wire on the final issues, it required all of Keith’s energies to make sure that book got turned around and met its deadlines. That was the priority to us at the time. So, you’ll start to see Keith’s name start to appear as we go on. I think he joins us with the fourth or sixth issue – it’s that whole counting backwards thing…I’m not sure."

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